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Hot Gossip From A Global Warmer!

This is some seriously underrated tea on Chevron, the oil company acting like Regina George (actually though).

In high school, I thought I had seen all there is to see re: embarrassing yourself by trying to drag someone else.

The incident: My classmate “Jake” finds me before AP History and hands me a t-shirt. On the front, there's a huge letter “O.” Jake was flanked by three friends: The group wore shirts reading “P”, “R”, “M,” and “?”. Jake was attempting a promposal. Having run out of frie

We Need To Talk About Mikey

May 18th, 2021: I DMed my friend a post from the Instagram account @mikeymiles160. The post has five video clips of the account’s owner, Mikey, hitting the gym. Mikey starts with some leg lifts, then incline bench press, then barbell triceps extension. Standard exercises, questionable form.

In the last clip, Mikey approaches a punching bag that’s hanging from some monkey bars — normal in space-conscious gyms in his native New

This Halloween's Scariest Horror Movie Is a YouTube Series By a Wisconsin 18 Year-Old

Songbird, the Michael Bay-produced dud that imagined a future Los Angeles overrun by COVID mutations, was a compelling example of how not to handle the pandemic on screen. How do you do it right?

Alex Kister, an 18 year-old student from Hubertus, Wisconsin (45 minutes outside Milwaukee), might have the answer with The Mandela Catalogue, a series of short videos he began creating during summer college. They’ve since exploded in popularity — his channel is approaching 3 million views. A few milli

Big Game For Someone With Such A Small Truck: Media Conglomerates Vs. Everybody

The reading experience of the piece is augmented by THIS PLAYLIST. Begin track one now, Advance to the next track when prompted. No Peeking.

Most corporate mottos land somewhere between laughable and unsettling.

Laughable: Facebook’s original motto, “Move Fast and Break Things,” was better expressed by Fred Durst in 2000 (who you should be hearing right now).

Unsettling: If a friend tells you that he does things “The Chevron Way,” you should call the police.

Even a non-specific platitude lik

Slimane, Suits and the Staying Power of Sneakers

The biggest takeaway from Hedi Slimane’s debut at Celine last week was, predictably, “Bring back Phoebe Philo.” In the same way MF Doom or Rakim is your “favorite rapper’s favorite rapper,” Philo was certainly a designer’s designer. To see her go was one thing; to see her displaced by the Slimane—whose appeal mostly lies in his ability to double the sales of a given house with hyper skinny jeans and reworked rock n’ roll aesthetics—was fashion nerd blasphemy. As the Financial Times pointed out,

Why Fashion's Recent Acquisitions Are a Positive

It’s getting harder and harder to walk down the runway without being propped up from behind.

2018 saw three of fashion’s great independent stalwarts all accept buyout offers from fashion conglomerates. The most recent of these, announced last week, was that Italian tailoring monolith Zegna had bought 85 percent of American suiting icon Thom Browne for half a billion dollars. Belgian master of tasteful maximalism Dries Van Noten sold the majority of his label to Spanish fragrance giant Puig, an

A Tale of Two T(h)oms

Last month, British GQ made an alarmingly astute observation: we’re in the midst of a fashion era that more than ever resembles professional sports. Blame the new spectacle on the furious trading of creative directors like they’re top tier premier league players. For fans, Virgil Abloh’s appointment to LV creates the same sort of buzz as that of Lukaku’s trade to Manchester United—or when Randy Moss was traded to the Patriots, if you’re into the other football. But it’s not just the creative dir